The Gym

Situated on Drapers Field Recreational Ground, a park transformed as part of the Council's Olympic legacy, ELBA's gym has a number of facilities arranged to improve a boxer's skill and fitness. It features the following:

Main hall

Central to the building, the main hall acts as the gym's multi-function space, used for circuit training, shadow boxing, skipping, cardio and focused training; This can come in many forms, such as one-to-one pad work or teaching the basics to Juniors and Seniors alike.

Bag room

What would a boxing gym be without punch bags? At the time of writing, the bag room features:

  • 1 x Standard heavy bag

  • 2 x Angled heavy bag

  • 1 x Double angled heavy bag

  • 1 x Teardrop heavy bag

  • 1 x Light bag

  • 1 x Uppercut bag

  • 1 x Floor-to-ceiling speed bag

  • 1 x Large wrecking-ball type water bag

  • 2 x Wall bag

  • 1 x Speed bag

Ring room

This is where the magic happens. The gym features a full AIBA competition-sized boxing ring used primarily for sparring, but can also be used for conditioning drills and technical work.

Weights room

The gym also features a separate weights room where boxers can focus on their strength training. It contains all the relevant equipment from medicine balls, free weights and body weight machines to a bench press and power lifting rack. Whilst weight training isn't the focus of our sessions, it can be accommodated and is often incorporated into circuit training sessions.

The park

If there's a large expanse of grass outside the gym, why not use it? The Drapers Field park features a large grassy space often used for warming up and running, sprints and when the weather is good, circuit training in the sun!

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